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House rules

To ensure that all guests feel comfortable at our hotel, a few rules are necessary:

1. General​

  • Please maintain room volume from 10 pm onwards throughout the entire hotel.

  • Drunk guests can be asked to leave the hotel. 

  • Child and youth protection laws apply in all rooms and outdoor facilities. 

  • Please be environmentally friendly, especially in regards of water and electricity usage, during your stay. 

  • Hotel employees are entitled to enter the room during the guest's stay in order to clean, for maintenance reasons or the like. 

  • Check-in: from 3 pm / early check-in: from 12 pm 

  • Check-out: by 10 a.m. at the latest / later check-out: by 12 noon

  • Our sauna is open from 10 am to 10 pm. Please follow the instructions for our sauna. (Notice in the sauna area)

  • Please close all windows and doors when leaving the hotel room to prevent damage which could be caused by bad weather.

  • Please turn off the TV and the lights before leaving the hotel room.

  • The hotel reserves the right to check the limit of the provided credit card.

  • Open fires, smoking and lighting candles is not permitted anywhere in the hotel building. In the event of a violation, we will charge a cleaning fee of € 100 and the room will be locked for two days at the daily rate at the expense of the person responsible. 

  • All furnishings and fixtures that are located in or belong to the entire hotel building may be used by you in accordance with their intended purpose. Please handle the entire furnishings and inventory with care. You undertake to treat the room with care and to ensure that other fellow travellers also comply with these rules.

  • The hotel is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (even after occupation of the room(s)) with immediate effect and, in exercising its domiciliary rights, to expel the guest from the hotel if the guest or the guest group damages the reputation, safety or standing of the hotel, is suspected of committing criminal offences or harasses, repeatedly disturbs or endangers other guests, residents, passers-by or neighbours.

  • In particular, repeated violations by the guest or group of guests of regulations contained in these T&Cs or the house rules posted in the hotel as well as damage to, soiling or theft of hotel property entitle the hotel to terminate the contract immediately. This also applies if the guest uses the hotel's room for a purpose other than the agreed purpose. In such cases, the guest may be liable to pay damages and to pay for the accommodation already used, as well as to pay for accommodation not yet used in accordance with the cancellation regulations.  



2. Parking

  • On our entire property you have the possibility to park cars as well as bicycles for the duration of your stay free of charge. For parking your car, there are various marked parking facilities on our property. We kindly ask you to park in a space-saving manner. Should it be necessary, you will be politely asked to re-park your car according to the instructions of a hotel employee. Parking your vehicle outside this marked area is prohibited and may result in the removal of your vehicle for a fee. 

  • Please note that the StVO (German Road Traffic Act) applies throughout our hotel grounds. Our property is a private area, which is subject to our house rules. The instructions of the hotel staff regarding the parking of your vehicle must be followed. Escape and rescue routes which are marked as such must be kept clear and can also lead to the immediate removal of your vehicle for a fee in the event of an infringement.

  • A bike storage is now available for your use. The trendic hotel (2H Betriebs GmbH) is not liable for any bicycles or other items that are parked in this storage or damaged by third parties.



3. Liability

  • No one intentionally damages or loses things. However, it can happen to anyone that something is broken or lost. We would appreciate it if you could inform us about the damage or loss and not that we only discover it after your departure or during the final cleaning.

  • As a user of the free WLAN, you are prohibited from any actions that violate applicable law, infringe the rights of third parties or violate the principles of the protection of minors.



4. Safety

  • For security reasons, the front door must be kept closed at all times.

  • House entrances, stairs and corridors must always be kept clear as escape routes. 

  • Guests are not allowed to use private electrical appliances in our house, with the exception of hair dryers and electric razors. This applies in particular to immersion heaters, hotplates, coffee machines, irons, etc. 

  • For safety reasons it is not allowed to lean out of the windows, they may only be opened for ventilation. 

  • Nothing may be thrown, shouted or hung from the windows or the fall guards. 


5. Valuables

  • The hotel expressly assumes no liability for the loss of valuables (especially jewellery and cash). The safekeeping in the cloakroom and of personal musical instruments, technical equipment and the like is the sole responsibility of the guest.



6. Lost and found​

  • In case of lost or found items, please contact us by E-Mail.

  • If you miss anything in our hotel, please report this immediately by E-Mail, so that you are not later suspected of having lost the missing items. 



7. Escape routes / emergency exits ​

  • In case of fire guests are no longer allowed to stay in the hotel building.

  • The hotel must be evacuated by the quickest route. In this case only the staircases may be used.

  • Escape plans can be found in the trendic lounge, basement and on the room doors.



8. Pets

  • Pets are not allowed in the entire hotel building. 

  • In case of non-observance and soiling of the hotel by your pets we will charge you a special cleaning fee. 



9. Smoking 

  • If it is determined that smoking has occurred in the rooms, an extra cleaning fee of € 100 will be charged to neutralise the odour and the room will be blocked for two days at the daily rate on causer costs so that we can provide the next guest with an odour-free room again.

  • Manipulating or dismantling the smoke detector will result in the smoke detector being replaced for a fee of € 100 in order to restore the full functionality of our safety equipment. If the manipulation of the safety equipment is only discovered after the guest has left, the fee will be increased to € 150 to compensate for the administrative act.

  • Damage such as burn marks and holes in or on the furniture, floors, bed linen, tablecloths, etc. will result in us having to charge you for this at replacement value. This is by no means included in the rental price.

  • Should a fire alarm be triggered by unauthorised smoking because the smoke detector has been tampered with, the hotel accepts no liability. The costs incurred as a result are to be borne by the person responsible.

  • The hotel reserves the right to claim higher damages if, for example, the hotel is charged for a fire brigade intervention or a fire caused by unauthorised smoking has caused damage to hotel property.



10. Alcohol, illegal drugs and weapons

  • The increased consumption of alcohol and the bringing of drugs and weapons of any kind, lead to an immediate ban on entering the house and property. In all cases the responsible authorities will be informed immediately.​


11. Rooms

  • Please be considerate of the  other guests in the hotel and avoid noise and disturbances of any kind, especially after 10 pm.

  • We kindly ask you to immediately send complaints regarding the room or any inconvenience caused by the hotel staff by E-Mail.

  • Minors are not allowed to stay at the hotel unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

  • Soiling that cannot be cleaned, such as in mattresses, on the carpet or even on furniture, will be charged to the guest at replacement value.

  • Guests are not entitled to make changes to the hotel rooms and their furnishings. In particular, it is generally forbidden to rearrange the furniture.

  • Cooking in your room is prohibited. However, a small self-service kitchen is available in our trendic lounge.

  • Our rooms are cleaned daily. However, please take care of the cleanliness of the rooms yourself, which goes beyond the daily routine cleaning. Exceptional soiling requires high cleaning costs, for which the guest will be charged.


12. Shower / lavatory

  • For the sake of the environment, it is also a custom in our hotel that towels are only changed if they have been left on the floor. Towels on the rack means the guest is still willing to use them.

  • For technical reasons, no hygienic products or food leftovers may be disposed of in the toilet. Please do not throw sanitary towels and tampons into the toilets!

13. Visitors

  • Persons not booked at the hotel are not permitted to enter the entire hotel building.



14. Quiet hours / Nighttime peace

  • We ask all guests to behave in such a way that other guests and neighbours are not disturbed!

  • From 10 pm onwards, the nighttime peace is to be observed in all rooms as well as in our corridors and on the outside grounds of our hotel. Failure to observe the nighttime peace can lead to an immediate ban from the hotel. In this case the guest forfeits his right to accommodation and the refund of services paid in advance. Irrespective of this, the guest expelled due to the violation of the nighttime peace must pay the booked service in full, even if he or she was unable to attend or receive it.

  • We expect respectful treatment of other guests, residents and staff. After 10 pm, any noise should be avoided when leaving and returning to our hotel out of consideration for the hotel neighbours and guests.


15. Breakfast

  • You can purchase breakfast at our vending machine at any time and eat in our trendic lounge.                                                    



16. Damages

  • We must inform you that any damage caused by you must be reimbursed to the hotel and will be charged to you. Please inform us of the damage by e-mail.



17. Departure

  • We ask our guests to vacate the room by 10 am at the latest on the day of departure. Not leaving the room on time will be charged according to the T&Cs. 

  • On the day of your departure we ask you to make sure that the garbage you produce is in the garbage can and not lying around in our rooms. In this context, please also pay attention to any waste under the beds.

  • When leaving the room: Please close the windows, switch off the lights and close the door when leaving the hotel room.


Thank you very much for your attention and for observing these house rules. 
Changes to the General House Rules are possible at any time. Furthermore, the General Terms and Conditions of our hotel are valid.

We wish you a pleasant stay at the trendic hotel and are pleased to welcome you as our guest.
Your trendic hotel Team

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