1 Validity and Subject of Regulation


1.1 The 2H Betriebs GmbH provides rooms and premises exclusively under the following conditions. The 2H Betriebs GmbH does not recognise any conflicting conditions.

1.2 If the customer orders contractual services not only for himself but also for his staff, employees or other third parties attributable to him, he must ensure that these persons also comply with the following conditions.

2. Closure of the Contract


2.1 The contract is concluded by the trendic Hotel's booking confirmation and, if applicable, the timely receipt of the deposit required by the trendic Hotel. If it is not possible to answer the request in time with a booking confirmation, the contract is concluded by the provision of the service.
2.2 If the booking confirmation deviates from the content of the enquiry, the content of the booking confirmation becomes the content of the contract if the client does not object to it immediately after receiving it. Upon acceptance of the service by the customer, the contract is concluded with the changed content. In the case of bookings via hotel portals, the booking can be made dependent on the provision of a valid credit card number.
2.3 If a third party has booked for the customer, the third party is liable to the trendic Hotel together with the customer as joint debtor for all obligations from the customer acceptance contract.


3. Room Access, Arrival and Departure


3.1 On the day of arrival, the customer will receive an individual room code by email and SMS instead of a key. Only with this code, which is valid for the entire duration of his stay, will the customer be able to enter the building through the main entrance door and his room.
3.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is not possible to occupy a room before 
3 pm on the day of arrival.
3.3 The room must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure. If the room is not vacated by this time, the 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to charge 50% of the full room price for the day of departure if the room is vacated by 12:00 noon at the latest. If the room is vacated after 1 pm, the full room price can be charged.

4. Services, Prices


4.1 Which services and prices are contractually agreed upon, result from the description of the hotel on the internet and the information referred to in the booking confirmation.
4.2 The prices published in the price section of the homepage are valid as the content of the contract for the services contained or requested in the booking confirmation.
4.3 The agreed prices include the taxes and local charges applicable at the time of the closure of the contract. Not included are local charges which are to be paid by the customer himself according to the respective local law, such as tourist tax. If the rate of the statutory value added tax changes after conclusion of the contract, the agreed price will be changed accordingly. In the case of contracts with consumers, this only applies if the period between conclusion of the contract and fulfilment of the contract exceeds 4 months.

5. Use of Premises


5.1 The subletting or further leasing or other transfer of use (also non-remunerated)  of the rooms and premises made available, as well as their use for purposes other than residential purposes, even for a short period, is not permitted, whereby § 540 section 1 sentence 2 of the German Civil Code is waived, insofar as the customer is not a consumer.
5.2 The customer is also not permitted to make installations or to make design, structural or technical changes to the premises.
5.3 The applicable registration regulations must always be observed. The customer must register with the relevant office in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Act. If the customer orders contractual services not for himself but for his employees, staff or other third parties attributable to him, he is required to inform them of the reporting regulations and to ensure that the registration regulations are observed.
5.4 With the exception of a coffee machine (kettle), the use of other electrical kitchen appliances not already provided in the room is not permitted.
5.5 Smoking is absolutely prohibited in the entire hotel building. Should violations be observed, we will issue fines. The client is liable for all damages caused to the trendic hotel by himself, his guests or other persons for whom he is responsible.


5.6 On the day of departure, the guest is responsible for disposing of self-produced garbage in the containers provided, this also applies to garbage under the bed. In the event of gross soiling after check-out, the additional expense for room cleaning of € 50.00 will be charged.
5.7 We hereby inform all guests & visitors of our Hotel that we operate a video surveillance system.
This is done exclusively for the following reasons:
1. protection of our employees
2. prevention of theft or other criminal offences
3. to clarify accidents on the hotel premises or hotel parking lots
A video surveillance system covers the following areas:
1. all public areas within the building to which hotel guests have free access (reception area, reception, corridors, staircases, lounges)
2. all non-public areas of the building to which only employees & service providers have access (office, technical rooms)
3. areas outside the building (parking spaces, entrance area)
There is of course no video surveillance within hotel rooms and sanitary facilities.
The recording is made continuously (24h / day) and is deleted after 10 days.


6. Premature Termination of the Contract


6.1 The 2H Betriebs GmbH can terminate the contract without notice if the customer violates the terms of use regulated in clause 5.
6.2 Termination without notice is also possible if the customer or guests attributable to him do not adhere to the house rules.
6.3 Any use of the rooms made available to the customer other than the use agreed upon entitles the 2H Betriebs GmbH to terminate the contract without notice. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the usage fee.
6.4 Termination of the contract without notice is also possible if the rooms are booked under misleading or false declaration of essential facts, for example regarding the customer and the intended purpose.
6.5 Termination of the contract by the 2H Betriebs GmbH is also possible if the trendic Hotel has suffered damage to the hotel building due to acts of nature beyond our control and we are no longer able to rent out the rooms.
6.6 In the case of a justified termination of the contract without notice, the customer has no claim for damages. In case of termination without notice, the room must be vacated immediately. If the customer does not comply, the 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to vacate the room at the expense of the customer and to delete the access code.

7. Payment

7.1 The room price must be paid at the time of booking, before occupying the room, by means of  PayPal,  credit card or immediate bank transfer. Additional services are not included in the room price and must be paid for separately.

7.2 The 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to request an appropriate advance payment or security deposit from the customer upon conclusion of the contract, e.g. in the form of a credit card guarantee. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be agreed to in writing in the contract.
7.3 A delay in payment entitles the 2H Betriebs GmbH to refuse further services from the contract that may still be in progress and to withdraw from contracts for future services. The 2H Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to claim further damages.
7.4 Reimbursement for services not used by the customer is not possible unless the hindrance is due to circumstances for which the 2H Betriebs GmbH is responsible.

8. Cancellation conditions

8.1 Cancellation up to 3 days (72 hours) before arrival: free of charge. Cancellation 3 days or less before arrival: 100% of the total price. We have deducted the value of the saved expenses.

8.2 In case of an early departure of the customer after check-in, a refund of the agreed price for all booked services is not possible.

8.3 In case of a no-show, a refund of the agreed price for all booked services is not possible.

8.4 If you have booked via an external booking service, the cancellation can only be made via the corresponding service to the conditions specified by that service. 

8.5 For group bookings: 
      - 6 - 9 rooms: 2 weeks / 14 days cancellation free of charge, thereafter 90% of the 
        total price
      - from 10 rooms: 4 weeks / 28 days cancellation free of charge, thereafter 90% of 
        the total price

9. Liability

9.1 The 2H Betriebs GmbH is liable for damages to life, body or health for which it is responsible. Furthermore, it is liable for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent violation by the 2H Betriebs GmbH or on an intentional or negligent violation of typical contractual obligations. A breach of obligations by the 2H Betriebs GmbH is equivalent to that of a legal representative, employee or subcontractor. Further claims for damages are not valid unless otherwise regulated in these T&Cs.
9.2 The customer is liable for all damages caused to the 2H Betriebs GmbH by himself, his guests or other persons for whom he is responsible. Vandalism in any form or any behaviour that leads to damages will be prosecuted and compensation payments will be claimed.
9.3 In the event that the customer forgets or misplaces his access code or otherwise culpably causes the code to be rendered invalid and has to request a new code, a fee of 
€ 30.00 will be charged. The costs of any necessary locksmith services are to be paid for by the customer.
9.4 The trendic Hotel expressly accepts no liability for the loss of items brought in by the customer.
9.5 Items left behind by the customer will only be forwarded at the customer's request, risk and expense. The 2H Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to charge a handling fee of 
€ 10.00 in addition to the costs incurred for shipping. Forgotten items will be safekept for a maximum of 3 months. After this period, items with an  apparent value of at least 
€ 10.00, will be handed over to the local lost property office. Other items will be destroyed or given to a local charity organisation for use after this period.
9.6 All claims against the trendic Hotel lapse within one year of the legal commencement of the limitation period. This does not apply to claims for damages or other claims resulting from injury to life, body or health and/or due to a grossly negligent or intentional breach of obligation by the trendic Hotel.

10. Warranty

10.1 If a service is not provided or is not provided in accordance with the contract and in accordance with customary practice, the customer has the right to demand rectification.

10.2 The customer may demand a reduction of the price corresponding to the reduced service if, after a futile request for rectification, services are not provided or not provided in accordance with the contract. In the event of any service problems, the customer is obliged to do everything possible to contribute to the rectification of the problem and to keep any possible damage to a minimum. If the customer does not meet these obligations, he is not entitled to any claims in this respect.

10.3 If the 2H Betriebs GmbH is hindered in the fulfilment of its service by forces of nature or by strikes, no liability for damages can be derived from this. However, the 2H Betriebs GmbH is obliged to try to arrange equivalent services elsewhere.

11. Handling mail / parcels

11.1 The 2H Betriebs GmbH has no possibility to accept letters and parcels. The customer is urged to set up an appropriate post office box in the event of a longer stay at the trendic Hotel.

11.2 Should a letter or parcel nevertheless erroneously be delivered, it will only be forwarded at the express request of the customer and is subject to reimbursement of costs. We reserve the right to charge a processing fee of € 10.00.

12. Specific terms and conditions

The following regulations must be observed:

  • Terms of use for WiFi

  • Animals are not allowed to be brought along

  • Nothing is allowed to be hung out of or over the glass railing (fall protection) at the window.

  • Es darf nichts über das Glasgeländer (Absturzsicherung) am Fenster raus bzw. aufgehängt werden.

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