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1. Scope and subject of regulation

1.1 2H Betriebs GmbH only provides rooms and premises under the following conditions. 2H Betriebs GmbH does not recognize any conflicting conditions.


1.2 If the customer orders contractual services not only for himself but for his employees, salaried employees or other third parties attributable to him, he must ensure that these persons also comply with the following conditions.


2. Conclusion of the contract


2.1 The contract is concluded when the trendic hotel confirms the booking and, if applicable, the timely receipt of the down payment requested by the trendic hotel. If it is not possible to answer the request with a booking confirmation, the contract is concluded when the service is provided.


2.2 If the booking confirmation deviates from the content of the request, the content of the booking confirmation will become part of the contract if the customer does not object to it immediately upon receipt. With the acceptance of the service by the customer, the contract with the changed content is concluded. When booking via hotel portals, the booking can be made dependent on the deposit of a valid credit card number.


2.3 If a third party has booked for the customer, the third party is jointly and severally liable to the trendic hotel with the customer for all obligations arising from the customer accommodation contract.

3. Room access, arrival and departure

3.1 On the day of arrival, instead of a key, the customer receives an individual room code by E-Mail and SMS. Only with this code, which is valid for the entire duration of his stay, can the customer gain access to the building via the main entrance door and into his room.


3.2 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it is not possible to move into a room before 3 p.m. on the day of arrival.


3.3 The room must be returned by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. If the room has not been vacated by this time, 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to charge 50% of the full room price for the day of departure until it is vacated by 12 noon at the latest. If the room is vacated after 1 p.m., the full room rate may be charged. This does not apply to guests who have booked a later check-out.

4. Services, prices


4.1 Which services and prices are contractually agreed can be found in the description of the hotel on the Internet at and the information in the booking confirmation that refers to it.


4.2 The prices published in the price section of the homepage apply as the content of the contract for the services included or requested in the booking confirmation.


4.3 The agreed prices include the taxes and local duties applicable at the time the contract is concluded. Not included are local taxes that are owed by the customer according to local law, such as visitor's tax. If the statutory VAT rate changes after the contract has been concluded, the agreed price will change accordingly. In the case of contracts with consumers, this only applies if the period between the conclusion of the contract and the fulfillment of the contract exceeds 4 months.

4.4 From 01.01.2022, the town of Marktoberdorf will charge a visitor's tax of € 1.20 per person / per night. This amount is automatically included in the room rate. There will be no additional costs for you.


5. Use of the premises


5.1 Subletting or reletting or any other transfer of use (also free of charge) of the rooms and premises provided, as well as their use for other than residential purposes, even for a short period, is not permitted, whereby Section 540 (1) sentence 2 of the German Civil Code (BGB) is overridden insofar as the customer is not a consumer.


5.2 The customer is also not permitted to make fixtures or to make creative, structural or technical changes to the premises.


5.3 The applicable reporting regulations must always be observed. The customer must register with the responsible office in accordance with the provisions of the Registration Act. If the customer does not order contractual services for himself, but for his employees, salaried employees or other third parties attributable to him, he must inform them of the reporting regulations and ensure that the reporting regulations are observed.


5.4 With the exception of a coffee machine (kettle), the use of other electrical kitchen appliances that are not already in the room is not permitted.


5.5 There is an absolute ban on smoking in the entire hotel building. If illegal acts are found, we will punish them with fines. The customer is liable for all damage suffered by the trendic hotel himself, his guests or other persons for whom he is responsible.


5.6 On the day of departure, the guest is responsible for disposing of self-produced garbage in the containers provided, this also applies to garbage under the bed. In the event of gross soiling after check-out, the additional cost of cleaning the room of € 150 will be charged.


5.7 We advise all guests and visitors to our hotel that we operate a video surveillance system.
This is done solely for the following reasons:

  1. Protecting our employees

  2. Prevention of theft or other criminal offenses

  3. To clear up accidents on the hotel premises or hotel parking lots
    A video surveillance system covers the following areas:

    1. All public areas within the building to which hotel guests have free access (reception area, reception, hallways, stairwells, lounges)

    2. All non-public areas of the building to which only employees and service providers have access (office, technical rooms)

    3. Areas outside the building (parking lots, entrance area)

There is of course no video surveillance within hotel rooms and sanitary facilities.
The recording is seamless (24 hours a day) and is deleted after 10 days.

6. Early termination of the contract


6.1 2H Betriebs GmbH can terminate the contract without notice if the customer violates the conditions of use set out in Section 5.


6.2 Termination without notice is also possible if the customer or guests attributable to him do not adhere to the house rules.


6.3 Any use of the rooms provided to the customer that deviates from the agreement entitles 2H Betriebs GmbH to terminate the contractual relationship without notice. The customer is not entitled to a refund of the usage fee.


6.4 The contract can also be terminated without notice if the premises are booked with misleading or false information about essential facts, such as the person of the customer and the purpose.


6.5 The contract can also be terminated by 2H Betriebs GmbH if damage has occurred to the trendic hotel's hotel building due to force majeure and we can no longer rent out the premises.


6.6 In the event of a justified termination of the contract without notice, the customer has no right to compensation. If the contract is terminated without notice, the room must be vacated immediately. If this does not happen, 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to vacate the room at the customer's expense and to delete the access code.


7. Payment


7.1 The room price is to be paid when booking, before moving into the room, via PayPal, by credit card or instant transfer. Additional services are not included in the room price and must be paid for separately.


7.2 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to request a reasonable advance payment or security deposit from the customer upon conclusion of the contract, e.g. B. in the form of a credit card guarantee. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates can be agreed in writing in the contract.


7.3 A delay in payment entitles 2H Betriebs GmbH to refuse further services from the contract that is still running, as well as to withdraw from contracts for future services. The assertion of further damage remains the
2H Betriebs GmbH reserved.


7.4 The reimbursement of unused services by the customer is not possible, unless the hindrance is due to a circumstance for which 2H Betriebs GmbH is responsible.


8. Cancellation conditions


8.1 In the event of cancellation up to 3 days (72 hours) before arrival: free of charge. In the event of cancellation 3 days or more before arrival: 100% of the total usage price. We have deducted the value of the saved expenses.


8.2 In the event of early departure of the customer after check-in, a refund of the agreed price for all booked services is excluded.


8.3 In the event of a no-show (No Show) or early departure of the customer after check-in, a refund of the agreed price for all booked services is excluded.


8.4 If you have booked via an external booking channel, the cancellation can only be made via the corresponding channel under the conditions displayed there.


8.5 For group bookings: 6 - 9 rooms: 2 weeks / 14 days can be canceled free of charge, after that 90% of the total price
10 rooms or more: 4 weeks / 28 days can be canceled free of charge, after that 90% of the total price

8.6 Depending on availability, we offer discounted room rates, but these are no longer cancelable. We will explicitly point out these non-cancelable room categories and prices in the booking.

9. Liability


9.1 2H Betriebs GmbH is liable for damages for which it is responsible, resulting from injury to life, limb or health. Furthermore, it is liable for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of 2H Betriebs GmbH or on an intentional or negligent breach of typical contractual obligations. A breach of duty of 2H Betriebs GmbH is equivalent to that of a legal representative, employee or vicarious agent. Further claims for damages are excluded, unless otherwise regulated in these terms and conditions.


9.2 The customer is liable for all damage caused to 2H Betriebs GmbH by himself, his guests or other persons for whom he is responsible. Vandalism in any form or behavior that leads to damage is punished with a report and demand for compensation payments.


9.3 In the event that the customer forgets his access code, misplaces it or in any other way culpably causes the code to be invalid and he has to request a new code, a fee of € 30 will be charged. The costs of any unlocking service that may become necessary are to be borne by the customer.


9.4 The trendic hotel expressly assumes no liability for the loss of items brought by the customer.

9.5 The trendic hotel accepts no liability for bicycles left in the bicycle room or for any damage to them. In accordance with insurance regulations, the bicycle should also be secured in the bicycle room with a suitable bicycle lock. If this is not the case and a theft occurs, the hotel's own insurance company may reject the case.


9.6 Items left behind by the customer will only be forwarded at the customer's request, risk and expense. 2H Betriebs GmbH reserves the right to charge a processing fee of € 20 in addition to the shipping costs incurred. Items left behind are stored for a maximum of 3 months. After that, the items, which have an acceptable value, which is apparently at least € 10, are handed over to the local lost property office. Other items will be destroyed after this period or given to a local charity for use.


9.7 All claims against the trendic hotel generally become statute-barred within one year from the start of the statutory limitation period. This does not apply to claims for damages or other claims arising from injury to life, limb or health and / or due to a grossly negligent or willful breach of duty by the trendic hotel.

9.8 If the Marktoberdorf guest card is lost or you take the card with you, you will be charged a fee in the amount of 10 €.


10. Warranty


10.1 If a service is not provided or not provided in accordance with the contract and in accordance with customary trade, the customer can request rectification.


10.2 The customer can request a reduction in price corresponding to the underperformance (reduction) if, after an unsuccessful request for remedial action, services are not provided or not provided in accordance with the contract. In the event of any disruptions in performance, the customer is obliged to do everything reasonable to help remedy the disruption and to keep possible damage to a minimum. If the customer does not meet these obligations, he is not entitled to any claims.


10.3 If 2H Betriebs GmbH is hindered in the performance of its service due to force majeure or a strike, no liability for damages can be derived from this. However, 2H Betriebs GmbH is obliged to seek alternative procurement of equivalent services.


11. Handling of mail / parcels


11.1 2H Betriebs GmbH has no way of accepting letters and parcels. The customer is required to set up an appropriate mailbox in the event of a longer stay at the trendic hotel.


11.2 Should a letter or parcel be delivered by mistake, it will only be forwarded at the express request of the customer and against reimbursement of costs. We reserve the right to charge a processing fee of € 10.


12. Special provisions


The following regulations must be observed:

  • Terms of use for WLAN use

  • Animals are not allowed to be brought along

  • Nothing may be hung out or hung over the glass railing (fall protection) on the window.


13. Supplementary special regulation due to corona, pandemic situations and force majeure


13.1 If, due to ordinances and general directives to combat or prevent the spread of the coronavirus or similar serious reasons of force majeure, the trendic hotel cannot be operated in whole or in part and corresponding services cannot be used by the customer, this does not constitute a breach of duty of 2H Betriebs GmbH. This applies regardless of the date of issue of the ordinance and general decree.


13.2 2H Betriebs GmbH undertakes to inform the customer of the start and the expected period of validity of such a special arrangement. Regulations and general directives applicable to 2H Betriebs GmbH are announced and published by the legislator.

13.3 In the event that 2H Betriebs GmbH is prevented from fulfilling its contractual obligations for the aforementioned reasons, 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to adapt its hotel offer to the applicable legal framework, which may only be refused for valid reasons. If this is not possible or reasonable for 2H Betriebs GmbH, or if this is unreasonable for the customer or if it is refused for a valid reason, both parties are entitled to cancel the stay free of charge.


13.4 If hotel operation is prohibited in its entirety, 2H Betriebs GmbH is entitled to offer the customer an alternative travel date. If the parties cannot agree on an alternative date, both parties are entitled to withdraw from the contract concerned free of charge by making a declaration in writing.

13.5 If the customer is unable to attend the booked travel date due to official (entry) travel bans or quarantine orders (also when returning from the booked travel destination) due to corona or similar global pandemics according to the definition of the WHO, he may cancel his room free of charge, as far as the customer can provide proof has been that for the aforementioned reasons it is actually objectively impossible for him to travel. Only concerns of the customer or official recommendations to refrain from tourist trips do not constitute a free right of withdrawal.

13.6 The points under 8.1-8.5 continue to apply, unless the customer withdraws due to a corona-related circumstance or a similar global pandemic as defined by the WHO.




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